After 4 years we occupied the Davos recording studio in Vyskov again at the beginning of October last year, where we recorded material for a new LP under the baton of Otyn. The data has already been entered into the press shop and the new recording will be traditionally released by Mr. Jiri resp. Insane Society records. You can listen to the tasting youtube channel.


CHEERS! Mr. Yoshio Inoue on his label Dan-Doh records has released a CD compilation BRNO CITY D.I.Y. HARDCORE PUNK, where he introduces twelve bands from Brno to the Japanese D.I.Y. punk scene. This compilation is dedicated to Filip Fuchs - R.I.P. You can get the CD from all participating bands.


We apologize for no updating for a long time! Quite a lot has happened since May, in the first phase has been update Gigs section. So check it!


So this year's two great gigs in home town Brno and last week in C. Budejovice are behind us. Next week we are going to conquer Cajzl esp. Eternal Noise Misery! Hell with you our friends!


If we wrote down last year, that 2020 had pretty much sucked for SYIH, I must say, that 2021 sucked twice more for us. We managed to play one gig less and the cancellation or postponing of our Killed By Brno and More than music – more than fashion gigs has become to be our „favorite“ amusement ... For 2022, we wish you all mostly good health, the least possible amount of faith in conspiracy BS and, on the contrary, the greatest possible faith, that there will be as many gigs and shows and parties as possible, where we can meet and see each other. Cheers!


Just as 2019 was an extraordinary year for SYIH, so 2020 was exceptionally shitty. For obvious reasons, it was the same for all bands. However, we managed to play four concerts, which were absolutely great and we are very happy for them. Thanks to those who made them for us.

We wish you all that the coming year is a year when everything will return to normal, and we will be able to see each other much more live.
Strong health and of course nerves in 2021!


The title of our latest LP "Life in fear" has more meanings for us, but maybe even then we had no idea how much we hit the present ... Fear is becoming the norm for society control!


Sections Music and Merch are updated. If you are interested in so please contact directly the band eventually hope live soon!


Happy New Fear 2020, SEE YOU IN HELL!

Section Gigs is updated.


Dubai and South East Asia calling. Update of section Gigs.

Tape is out now, thanks to Michal / SVAB recs.


So you can read the first review of our new record: DIY Conspiracy


Here it is! LP and blue LP limited edition out now on Insane Society records! Full record is uploaded on our BC, so turn the volume right and listen to this.


And another new song from upcoming LP uploaded. Check our BC. Life In Fear, GO!


It's here and fucking real! South East Asia tour confirmed. Gigs will follow. Big thanks to Ci Chaan. Eye on Live, understand?


Final master is done. Thanks to Otyn! Prepared LP will be released by Barvak / Insane Society records. Keep in touch! Cover by Murilo Pommer, thanks too man!

Check our BC, the first song from record is uploaded for listening. Play loud!


New record SEE YOU IN HELL is done! Up the metal/punx! Big thanks to Otyn from Davos studio Vyskov (CZ). More information soon, keep in touch!


Hey fellaz! This year will be to fast again, so check the section live. If you want be very very quick to invite us to some gig or fest! See You In Hell.


HI ALL! We have to say OEF was a fucking amazing - thanks to Curby, OEF crew and of course all groups we have seen. Hell On Earth! Maybe we will see you next year on another european festivals. Keep in touch. Some photos in archive.


Cheers! This year's "Víc než hudba, víc než móda - hardcore/punk proti konzumu a komerci" was one big party in the punk as fuck style! Thank you all and we hope to see you again next year!

Check the photos in archive as well as our upcoming tour dates!



The first three events of this year are successfully over. We thank all of you for your supprt. You can check some photos in our archive.

Next - “Víc než hudba, víc než móda - hardcore/punk proti konzumu a komerci Vol. 6” back at home in Brno, at Yacht club:


This year's last show in was great again! Thank you all! 

You can look at the photos here 

We're getting ready for more shows in 2017 - see the updated live section. 

See you in hell next year!

14.12.2016    KBB successfully behind us!

Thanks to all of you for the amazing support!!!

The Killed by Brno phenomenon is alive and going strong, as proven by the 250 of you! We appreciate the support and the atmosphere you created!

Excellent bands, excellent sound and an excellent party!!!

Thanks to the Yacht club collective for the sound and services and DIE KÜCHE team for delicious food!

On Saturday 18.3.2017, we hold another year of „More Than Music, More Than Fashion - hardcore/punk against consumerism and commercialism”! Info soon!

Check out our youtube channel or look at photos here.

1.12.2016    SEE YOU IN HELL back on stage

SEE YOU IN HELL come back in a new line-up. Our first concert will be at our own festival Killed by Brno
on 10.12.2016, devoted to the memory of  Filip.

Currently, we work hard to be ready for the live shows and also prepare new material. Information about planned shows can be found in the live section. We will also try to add up the remaining information over time.

Thank you all for your support, see you at the concerts!